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2017 NFL: Week 5 Survivor Picks

If you have been following that first route of picks, congrats you are still alive in your pool. Taking any other has more than likely knocked you out. This has been one of the weirder seasons we have seen in awhile. Currently only the Chiefs are undefeated and then it’s a bunch of 3-1 teams who really aren’t that impressive. You could throw any Super Bowl prediction out right now and I don’t think anyone could tell you that it’s not happening with 100% certainty. The League is just that wide open.


Wk 1:    Pittsburgh Steelers (W) / Buffalo Bills (W) / Houston Texans (L)

Wk 2:    Oakland Raiders (W) / Seattle Seahawks (W) / Arizona Cardinals (W)

Wk 3:    New England Patriots (W) / Green Bay Packers (W) /  Pittsburgh Steelers (L)

Wk 4:    Seattle Seahawks (W) / New England Patriots (L) / Atlanta Falcons (L)


If your pool offers a bye i strongly suggest taking it this week. None of the options available are all that great.


Philadelphia Eagles

Home to Arizona this week, the Eagles are 6 point favorites. The Cardinals needed overtime to get by the 49ers, while Philly beat the Chargers in a highly entertaining game. Arizona hasn’t really recovered from the loss of David Johnson and just isn’t the same explosive offense without him. When your wins are against Indy and San Francisco what exactly have you accomplished. Philly meanwhile has played very well, sits a top of the NFC East, and only loss has come at the hands of KC. The Eagles are simply a better team and your best option for surviving.


New York Giants

The loser of this game vs the Los Angeles Chargers will be 0 & 5 and are in prime position for the #1 pick. The last time either of these teams had that pick it gave us our current QB match up. Quite frankly both these guys are past their prime and the talent around them isn’t helping hide their age. Both teams find new ways to lose week after week, each in impressively heartbreaking fashion. So why even touch this game you ask? The Giants have looked incrementally better and have to play with a level of desperation we haven’t seen from them in years. Lose this game and MacAdoo and Reese are goners. The Giants also have a better defense and should be able to hold the Chargers just enough for Eli & company to get it done. 


Pittsburgh Steelers

By far the biggest favorites this week, giving 8 points to Jacksonville, the Steelers are great option if you haven’t used them. However, its more than likely you did, they F’d you, and you don’t even need this column anymore. Pittsburgh got back on track with a road beat down of the Ravens. All the anthem distraction seems to be behind them and they can fully focus on playing the game. The Jaguars should have stayed in London as they returned home to lose to the hapless New York Jets. The Jets ran the ball right down their throat and Leveon Bell should be licking his chops at getting a chance to do the same.

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