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2017 NFL: Week 7 Survivor Picks

“Although the way this year has gone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something go haywire” – second line of my write up picking Denver last week. Seriously WTF !! You would think after watching Atlanta collapse and Washington almost blow their game, the Broncos would be on upset alert. They allowed the Giants to just come in and dominate them. Turnovers, missed field goals, and not adjusting to NY switching to a 12 personnel offense all contributed to an indefensible loss. Surely 90% of your pool participants (including you) have been knocked out but if you are still in, a tip of the cap to you.

Wk 1: Pittsburgh Steelers (W) / Buffalo Bills (W) / Houston Texans (L)

Wk 2: Oakland Raiders (W) / Seattle Seahawks (W) / Arizona Cardinals (W)

Wk 3: New England Patriots (W) / Green Bay Packers (W) / Pittsburgh Steelers (L)

Wk 4: Seattle Seahawks (W) / New England Patriots (L) / Atlanta Falcons (L)

Wk 5: Philadelphia Eagles (W) / New York Giants (L) / Pittsburgh Steelers (L)

Wk 6: Denver Broncos (L) / Atlanta Falcons (L) / Washington Redskins (W)

Wk 7: Minnesota Vikings / Dallas Cowboys / Tennessee Titans

The Vikings get the Baltimore Ravens at home this week. The Ravens are coming off a disappointing loss to the Chicago Bears in OT. If not for a late punt return TD they would have lost in regulation to rookie QB Mitch Trubisky. Baltimore just isn’t the same hard nosed defensive team we have seen over the years. Minnesota will present more of a challenge to them than Chicago did. The Vikes are running the ball better the past couple weeks and haven’t dropped off as much with Case Keenum leading the team. Their defense has been one of the better in the league overall and have been excellent at home. I like the Vikings to take care of business and get you another Win to move on.

Per the websites that track these things, the Cowboys and Titans will be the most picked teams this week. Both are going on the road, at San Fran & at Cleveland, and both are 6 pt favorites. Dallas is coming off their bye (which has usually been a help to teams but this year’s they can’t seem to take advantage of) and is well rested. Past this week they have a brutal schedule and need this win to get to .500. The courts ruled in their favor so they still have Zeke Elliot, who is essential to what they do. SF has played well as of late but i see them dropping off as they just don’t have the talent to sustain that level over a long period. Dallas should be able to get pressure on them and force a couple of turnovers. The Cowboys get back to running the ball, not making stupid mistakes, and get this win.

Standard protocol has dictated just pick against the Browns and don’t overthink it. The lucky team this week is the Tennessee Titans. Coming off a nice win on Monday night, Mariota is healthy enough to put up good numbers by just staying in the pocket. He completed 71% of his passes and threw for just over 300 yards. Add in the rushing attack of Henry and Murray and the Browns will be in for another long day. Kizer has been named the starter again, as the merry go round continues for Hue Jackson and his offense. The constant changing doesn’t build any continuity and they struggle week in and week out as a result. Maybe the defense keeps them in the game for a little but i see another loss here for the hapless Browns.


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