Take Them Outright

2018 World Cup: Quarterfinals

Friday July 6th


Uruguay v France

I would have maybe given Uruguay a chance a here to pull it out but without Cavani they dont have enough offense to compete. France has too many weapons and they are actually showing up to play. Les Blues get it during regular time.

Pick: France to win during regulation -106


Brazil v Belgium

Brazil was considered a favorite to win prior to the tournament starting. Germany not making it out of the group stage only cemented them as the top dogs to win. This edition of the world cup has been anything but predictable however. Belgium pulled out one of the great comebacks of all time and will keep that momentum going. Roberto Martinez finally found the right combo of players in that second half and i anticipate them starting off the game with the same. Neymar spends way too much time on the floor and the soccer gods will smite him as a result.

Pick: Belgium to advance +147


Saturday July 7th


Sweden v England

Sweden is one of those teams who isn’t exciting, doesn’t exactly strike fear into their opponents, yet somehow manages to win and win. That comes to end here when they face England. The 3 Lions are exercising every past demon in the teams history as they march toward the ultimate victory. They just have something special about them from the coaching staff down to the last guy on the bench.

Pick: England to win during regulation -119


Russia v Croatia

The hosts are still here and plan on sticking around a little while longer. Like they did against Spain, they will have the physical advantage and impose their will on this Croatian side. All that mid field talent has looked good but not great. Croatia has a real chance to make a deep run and something just doesn’t look quite right.

Pick: Russia to advance + 145

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